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✦ 05.08.19. ✦
Created section for Room Makeover events and added all the special stories I had. Here.

✦ 25.06.19. ✦
Edited the links page to add the districts button.

✦ 30.05.19. ✦
Changed the "under construction" index to the final one. Final for now.
Edited the links page to add buttons of 5 listings sites, and 2 neocities sites.

✦ 29.05.19. ✦
Updated site buttons (links page).
Updated info about the site page with text I wrote a few days ago.
Changed the title of all the pages to include the name of the site.
Deleted a few pages I used to play with the code.
Youtube videos are now available to watch, but unlisted.
Made a new page for this log that's easier to update.
Added a section with contact info to the index page.

✦ 10.05.19. ✦
Rewrote part of the about the site section.

✦ ??.??.??. ✦
Changed a bunch of small things between March and May, but I didn't keep track of the changes.

✦ 17.03.19 ✦
Created missing things page.
Created coming soon page.
Created special page.
Created update log page.
Wrote a few things on the update log even though most are missing orz

✦ 16.03.19 ✦
Set a guestbook.
Created and wrote the about the site page.
Created links page.
Added a few relevant links and a couple of buttons to link to this site.

✦ 15.03.19 ✦
Added all the Youtube links.
Created page for the prologue and added a banner to it on the main page.

✦ 12.03.19 ✦
Finished uploading all the videos to Youtube.

✦ 27.02.19 ✦
Wrote info about the game section.

✦ 15.02.19 ✦
Created pages for story events and story treats.
Added all the event CGs.
Edited the navigation bar to add links and more sections.
Changed the background.
First try on Neocities.

✦ 11.02.19 ✦
Created pages for the characters' main stories.
Created pages for the main stories' CGs.

✦ 22.01.19 ✦
Started working on the site with MAGIX.

✦ 08.01.19 ✦
Created an account on Neocities.