✦ 30.10.20. ✦
Added chapter previews for AMS2, AMS3, IMS1, IMS2, IMS3* and MMS1.
*IMS3 only up to chapter 5 because I can't find the rest for some reason. I'm hoping this will be like the messages and they will be in some other random folder, but who knows.

✦ 28.10.20. ✦
Added the rest of messages from all the main stories, except for Izaac's MS3, which I can't find for some reason. I'm pretty sure I saved those as well, but the screenshots are not in the folder I created for them and I'm very confused. I'll look for them in my other folders, but I have thousands of screenshots from this game and most aren't organized so it might take a while...
Added the masterlist of youtube links and a sitemap.
After some digging I found the screenshots of the messages from Izaac's MS3 🎉 Just added them, which means all the messages from the main stories are up (the ones I have I mean... unfortunately I'm missing some HEs). Can't believe I procrastinated on this for like, years? when this is nothing compared to how horrible organizing the messages from the events is going to be lmao

✦ 27.10.20. ✦
...What a year, am I right.
So, after procrastinating on this forever, I finally started adding the messages from the main stories. Added Alex's today (all 3 seasons), you can find the links on his page. I'm hoping I'll be able to add the rest this week. But who knows.
I also created the section for the chapter previews here, and added the ones from Alex's MS1 as well. Yay productivity!

✦ 23.10.19. ✦
Changed the landing page to the new layout's home page and updated the description. I'm finally ready for this to be seen lol.

✦ 17.10.19. ✦
Moved the pages left: all the individual pages from the gallery section, special, events, treats, room makeover (plus individual pages from this section), links and disclaimer. Also updated the guestbook to match the current colors of the site.

✦ 15.10.19. ✦
I decided I was sick of editing the old code and I started to work on this one. I adapted the same one I'm using on my personal site to what I needed here, I changed the colors and I started moving stuff here. Pages that are (mostly) ready so far: home page, game, site, soon, missing, log, prologue, characters, alex, izaac, marc, leon, fred, kyle, gallery and icgms1.

I also made a new logo with a different font and banners for the gallery page because I was in that kinda mood I guess. Those banners are the reason the whole site has these colors now btw lol.