✦ 23.10.19. ✦
Changed the landing page to the new layout's home page and updated the description. I'm finally ready for this to be seen lol.

✦ 17.10.19. ✦
Moved the pages left: all the individual pages from the gallery section, special, events, treats, room makeover (plus individual pages from this section), links and disclaimer. Also updated the guestbook to match the current colors of the site.

✦ 15.10.19. ✦
I decided I was sick of editing the old code and I started to work on this one. I adapted the same one I'm using on my personal site to what I needed here, I changed the colors and I started moving stuff here. Pages that are (mostly) ready so far: home page, game, site, soon, missing, log, prologue, characters, alex, izaac, marc, leon, fred, kyle, gallery and icgms1.

I also made a new logo with a different font and banners for the gallery page because I was in that kinda mood I guess. Those banners are the reason the whole site has these colors now btw lol.