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Kiss or Gossip 2019
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Red Roses "Here's a little welcome gift for you. I hope you like them."
Delicious "Hey, I want some too."
Chivalry "Let me..."
Happy Forever 3 "Come with me, baby."
Last Kiss "You'll be always in my heart."
Sweet Temptation 9 "Sing for me."
Sweet Temptation 18 "Put your hands up, and let me feel you up."
Sweet Moments 8 "You know I love you. I don't need to say it every 5 minutes."
Happy Forever 8 "With this ring, I thee wed..."
Rumor has it... "All I want to do is hold you in my arms."
All I Want for Christmas "Just kiss me." (Note: After completing this story treat, I got this picture in my album. But it was a mistake, this is not the picture that appears in the story.)
Sweet Temptation 2 "Do you wanna eat me? Or should I eat you?"
Birthday Surprise: Alex's Story "I can't stop looking at you."
Sweet Moments 5 "I've missed you so much"
All I Want for Christmas