Alex Main Story 1: Chapter Previews
Chapter 1
Hello, cover girl!
With such a quick rise to stardom, it's no wonder you're getting nasty looks all around you.

Chapter 2
Spotted: B and S locking horns on Ivy Week. What about you, Cinderella? When are you gonna start thinking about your future? Or were you planning to keep milking the holy royal cow forever?

Chapter 3
Surprise, surprise. B's generosity comes with strings attached. She set you up with a douche of a quarterback who won't stop until he scores.
Poor Cinderella, I hope prince charming comes to the rescue.

Chapter 3.5
A shopping date with S turns into living hell when things between S and her Brooklyn beau start to heat up. Not in a good way.

Chapter 4
B's birthday bash reaches atomic levels with a Gossip Girl bomb.
Lucky you, someone's there waiting for you...

Chapter 5
Spotted: Prince and frog, sealing the deed, for the world to see.
Watch out Cinderella, all eyes are on you.

Chapter 6
What was the Prince going to say?
You just can't let it go.
A friendly word of advice: curiosity kills the cat. Every. Single. Time.

Chapter 7
Just in: Alex and Marc's celebrating Thanksgiving at their local bar.
Why so sad, you two? At least Cinderella seems to care.

Chapter 7.5
I'm warming up to you a little, so here's an insider tip: Alex's keeping something from you. More about it soon on Gossip Girl. XOXO.

Chapter 8
Figures Sweet Cinderella is also a Candy Striper.
Good thing helping out the sick will at least get you a date for the party.

Chapter 9
It's time for you to become a part of the New York Society. Or pretend to, at any rate.
A little heads up: Someone's got three very important words to say.

Chapter 9.5
Christmas is almost here, filling the streets of New York with holiday joy, frantic shoppers and in your case, unpleasant family surprises...

Chapter 10
It's that time of the year. Christmas, the season that makes or breaks all new relationships.
Watch out, Cinderella, I hear the Grinch is coming your way.

Chapter 11
This Just in: The Prince's hiding a big, dirty secret.
Brace yourself, Cinderella, things are going south.

Chapter 12
Poor Cinderella, the Prince and his secret teen bride-to-be are all over the place, and all over each other.
He says it's not true, but we all know actions speak louder thank words.

Chapter 13
Looks like S's troubled past has finally caught up with her. Luckily for her, this time around she has an army to help her collect the pieces.

Were you planning to take it slow with Alex? Let's hope not, because the queen of hearts has other plans.
And she won't take no for an answer.