Alex Main Story 3: Chapter Previews
Chapter 1
Sometimes even the best laid plans can backfire.
Just remember you have to make it work, even if that means you end up flying solo.

Chapter 2
The moment when you think everything is perfect, is usually the moment everything starts to fall part.
And kindness will get you nowhere in the Upper East Side.

Chapter 3
Meeting the parents is always a big deal, and doing it while dragging a third wheel... Well, that's just a recipe for trouble.

Chapter 3.5
Looks like it's not just love life that's taking a blow.
Let's just hope you're luckier with your studies than you are in love.

Chapter 4
Looks like the Devil is trying to prove he can also be a savvy entrepreneur, and you're invited to his party.
Just beware of the paparazzi...

Chapter 5
Looks like little Cinderella has finally learned how to play the field.
And lo and behold, the ladies also prefer blondes.

Chapter 6
It's time to party and to have your fun. Just a friendly word of advice: declaring your undying love for someone you barely know is Scheming 101.

Chapter 7
On the Upper East Side, everyone hits rock bottom from time to time. The problem is, how much of your dignity can you salvage as you take the fall?

Chapter 7.5
Are you ready to meet the Evil Queen of the West?
Put on your shiniest pair of red shoes, and get ready for an unexpected partner in crime.

Chapter 8
After the smoke clears, all shall be revealed: Just remember, the worst usually begins when we think it's all over.

For some, being a royal is nothing but a faraway dream. For some others, royalty is nothing but a legacy of hurdles.
For the moment, let's just love conquers all. At least until morning.