Izaac Main Story 1: Chapter Previews
Chapter 1
Spotted: B, ready to dish out at the Ivy League mixer.
And for dessert: little Cinderella, putting herself smack center into the Upper East Side radar.

Chapter 2
Insider tip: Everything worth knowing about the Upper East Side happens at night. Keep your eyes peeled and you'll see everyone's dark side.
Are you ready to join the fun?

Chapter 3
Poor B, looks like this party's Cupid just run out of arrows. Watch out, Cinderella, because temptation's taking over for the rest of the night.

Chapter 3.5
Who knew a simple ball could be so full of tough decisions.
What's going to be yours: obey or betray?

Chapter 4
A shopping date gets you front seats to this year's most disgusting affair.
Will you play dumb or will you tell?

Chapter 5
And odd couple and a bizarre date.
Are you ready for a little midnight scandal? I sure can't wait.

Chapter 6
It's B's birthday party, and as usual, the guest of honor is massive drama.
Just remember: only play with fire if you're ready to get burned.

Chapter 7
Looks like your subconscious is getting the best of you. Just keep in mind: running away is never the answer.

Chapter 8
We've all been there. Had one drink to many, made fools of ourselves...
However, ending up on a stranger's bed?
Way to take it the next level.

Chapter 8.5
After your little accident, Izaac joins you for the walk of shame.
It sounds good on paper, but what will your daddy say?

Chapter 9
Christmas season is here. Watch the city light up with seasonal joy and unexpected revelations.

Chapter 10
Nothing is more nerve wrecking that meeting the parents, but voluntarily agreeing to go on a trip with them? That's the definition of insanity.

Chapter 11
A surprise detour gives you a chance to take your relationship to the next level. Get ready, cause I see a lot of intimacy in your future.

Chapter 11.5
Welcome back Cinderella. I hope you enjoy being under the spotlight. Don't think that I'll let you off the hook just because S got herself into yet another mess.

Chapter 12
In the Upper East Side, happiness never lasts forever.
Rumor has it you've managed to get yourself on B's bad side. A friendly word of advice; run. Not that you stand a chance.

Chapter 13
You can officially call yourself an Upper East Sider if you answer to life's problems is self-destruction with a side of escapism.
Luckily for you, there are people who care enough to try and stop you.

Summer vacation is here, but it must be hard to get excited about holiday prospects when your guy's ready to pack his bags and go to Africa. Let's hope he believes in long distance relationships.