Izaac Main Story 2: Chapter Previews
Chapter 1
Get ready: something big is about to happen to you. Just be careful when you pick you allegiances and remember: on the Upper East Side, even appearances lie.

Chapter 2
Looks like your other half is more than a little power hungry.
I hope he knows the brightest stars are the first to burn out.

Chapter 3
Hello paparazzi! Your new assignment: Lose all dignity in exchange for a headline.
A word of caution: Watch out or you'll end up becoming the star.

Chapter 3.5
Coming clean is never easy, especially when you've got so much dirt to share.
Can't wait to see you worn your way out of this one, Cinderella.

Chapter 4
Hello lonely heart. Is it true you have a boyfriend? He better show up a the next party, because he's been MIA for so long, we're starting to think you made him up.

Chapter 5
Poor Cinderella. Nothing spells "This relationship's over" like a no-show and an apologetic message.

Chapter 6
Just when you thought things couldn't get any more messed-up, your beau finally shows you his ace of spades.
I'm not the gambling type, but if I were you, I'd call bluff.

Chapter 6.5
The fateful day is finally here. Too bad you're so busy coping with extracurriculars, your future is the last thing on your mind...

Chapter 7
After admission hell is over, it's time to party. And in your case, it's also time to make the headlines. Look at you Cinderella, a full grown Upper East Socialite.
Unlike your daddy, we're so proud.

Chapter 8
The Upper East Side is no stranger to the odd case of fraud, extortion and even embezzling. But it can't be fun to see your boyfriend go for all three at once.

Wearing white to a wedding shows extremely poor taste.. Unless you're the bride.