Izaac Main Story 3: Chapter Previews
Chapter 1
After summer comes the beginning of an era: your new college life. Be sure to enjoy the moment, cause this is the calm before the storm.

Chapter 2
Passionate ambitions usually have a way of cooling even the hottest affair. Be careful, Cinderella. You don't want your relationship in a rut.

Chapter 3
Well, well, well. Look who's trying to juggle a busy work schedule and an even busier love life. Let's hope you aren't chewing more than you can bite.

Chapter 3.5
In the Upper East Side, 'tis the season for social soirees and outrageous scandals. A word of caution: keep an eye on your surroundings and beware of who you trust.

Chapter 4
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in your case, lonely to the point of sickness. Let's hope your beau doesn't find too many distractions along the road.

Chapter 5
Spotted: someone's yet again making headlines. You may think I have something against you, but remember: I'm just the messenger.