Marc Main Story 1: Chapter Previews
Chapter 1
Against your best judgment, you visit Marc's place to watch a movie together...

Chapter 2
An invitation to a party gets you up close and personal with Marc's quirky side...

Chapter 3
It's Ivy Week, and everyone's networking like the world is going to end... Will you follow suit, or will you just rely on your connections?

Chapter 3.5
A sudden invitation to a photoshoot leads to an unplanned model debut. It's time for the world to see if you've got what it takes to be under the spotlight.

Chapter 4
Things start heating up as you play games in this year's hottest party. Just be careful not to get burned...

Chapter 5
You get more than you bargained for when what was supposed to be a shopping date somehow ends up turning into a date of sorts...

Chapter 6
Time for a ball. You have the perfect date, but somehow end up in the arms of a different man. Two guys in one night? We're so judging you...

Chapter 7
An unexpected opportunity to spend tons of time together with Marc comes your way. Let's hope B appreciates your good intentions.

Chapter 8
A sudden change of plans gets you spending Thanksgiving Day with your family and Marc.

Chapter 8.5
It's time for the Debutante Ball, but you still have no date... I guess karma is real after all.

Chapter 9
There's more to life than boys and parties, or so your father would have you believe.
Are you ready to think about the future? Or are you just going to wait and wish for the best.

Chapter 10
A surprise invitation has you really conflicted. Is there a red carpet in your future? Now that'd be a surprise.

Chapter 11
Marc takes the mic and makes some shocking declarations to the paparazzi... Welcome to the life and perils of having a celebrity lover.

Chapter 12
A walk in the park ends up being so much more than you ever expected...

Chapter 12.5
Crazy rumors follow Serena like the plague. Are they true or not? It's up to you to find out.

Chapter 13
It's only Monday and you're already facing midterms, the SAT and boy trouble. Looks like it'll be one of those weeks...