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Kiss or Gossip 2019
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Sleepytime "I'll just rest my eyes for a little while."
Naughty Boy "You've got cream on your cheek! Let me get that for you."
Say cheese! "That's a great pic! You look amazing..."
Sweet Temptation 3 "Follow me, baby."
Last Kiss "We're always together, even when we're apart."
Sweet Temptation 10 "I can fly!"
Sweet Temptation 15 "I can't hold myself back any longer."
Sweet Moments 10 "Will you be my princess?"
Happy Forever 6 "This rose is beautiful, but it has nothing on you."
Just Perfect
The City of Light "I've been wanting to kiss you all day."
Spring Surprise! "This is so much fun!"
Sweet Moments 6 "You're everything I could ever want."
Happy Forever 10 "I love you."